Hello. My name is Charlie Grayhurst and I am currently the Principal of Straits International School Penang, which opened in 2012. My work here has made me particularly interested in the demands placed upon Headteachers within this specific role, and how the nature of leadership must change when you apply the seperate lenses of international education, multi-cultural communities and start up enterprises.

SIS is a school I am very proud of. We have a great set of students and staff and we are a highly reflective organisation with an innovative view on the role of research and professional development. It’s our ambition to become a great example of how multi-cultural staff teams can really work to improve pedagogy, student learning and our own personal outlooks on life.

This blog is therefore an attempt to reflect and document my thoughts as I go along my journey, which perhaps might also serve as a source of information to those Headteachers who also find themselves facing the same challenges.

I have previously worked in a number of start up schools abroad, occupying a variety of leadership roles in Vietnam, China and Qatar, amongst others. Before that, I was a special education teacher in the UK, focusing upon helping teenagers with particular emotional and behavioural needs.

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